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Navinci has a proud history as developers of the first commercial in situ Proximity Ligation Assays. The Proximity Ligation Technology can be used to monitor interactions or modifications of endogenous proteins directly in individual cells and tissues, to reveal the cellular and molecular architecture and its response to disturbances. The Naveni TM Proximity Ligation Assays are based on a new, proprietary technology providing higher sensitivity and less unspecific background than traditional Proximity Ligation Assay.

About us

Bringing precision to spatial proteomics

The Naveni proximity ligation platform pushes the boundaries of fluorescence-based in situ methodology, enabling researchers to get the maximum information from every analysis by localizing and quantifying proteins, their interactions and modifications, in situ at the molecular level. Increased sensitivity compared to conventional in situ proximity ligation assay, enables detection of very low abundant proteins and ensures that proteins can be investigated without the need to over-express, or in any way modify the native environment of the cell.

Our Platform

Flexible kits

Flexible products to be used with your primary antibodies 

All our kits are based on the novel, proprietary Naveni™ Proximity Ligation Technology, which enables precise detection of proteins, protein-protein interactions, or protein modifications in cultured cells fresh-frozen and FFPE samples. The flexible in situ kits contain secondary detection reagents called Navenibodies. The Navenibodies can be used with one or two primary IgG antibodies.  

NaveniFlex for visualization of your target with fluorescence readout 

Naveni TriFlex Cell for visualization of protein interaction and total free protein with fluorescence readout

NaveniBright for visualization of your target with chromogenic readout 

To our Flexible products 

Target-specific kits

Target-specific products – primary antibody system included 

Our target-specific kits are based on the proprietary Naveni™ Proximity Ligation Technology, including carefully selected and validated Navenibodies with specific target protein detection. No extra antibodies are needed; the assay is already optimized.

Naveni PPI (protein-protein interactions) kits are optimized to detect protein interactions of validated targets. Naveni PD1/PD-L1 is a specific kit for the precise and sensitive detection of the PD1 and PD-L1 interaction in human tissue.

Naveni PTM (post-translational modifications) kits are optimized to detect phosphorylated proteins. Six products are currently available in this range: Naveni pY HER2, Naveni pY PDGFR-beta, Naveni pY EGFR, Naveni pY MET, Naveni pY VEGFR2 and Naveni pY PD1.  

To our Target-specific products 

Pharma service

Custom solutions to fit your research needs        

Do you have specific research questions, or do you need help with a target-specific assay? Please get in touch with us; we have additional support and services to suit your research project’s needs and requirements. 
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“To my impression it is a lot better than every other PLA we have done before. The negative controls are nearly blank for the first time ever. This is a huge advantage of your kit because this was the main point with which we always struggled when analyzing the assay in a quantitative way”.

Dr. Stefan Pusch,

Department of Neuropathology at Heidelberg University