Next-generation immunostaining of cells and tissues

Empowering in situ research

Leaning on the established principles of dual recognition, Navinci Diagnostics has re-engineered the proximity ligation assay creating a more robust and reliable kit than ever before. Whether investigating proteins, their interactions or modifications, the Navinci kit will accelerate you towards your next scientific breakthrough. 


Navinci Diagnostics develops products for detection and quantification of proteins, protein interactions, and protein modifications.


Dual epitope tagging, probe activation, and DNA-based signal amplification are the core features of our proprietary Unfolding Proximity Probes technology.


Our technologies are engineered to improve the precision of in situ studies. Contact us and find out how we can help you strengthen your research.

Our products

Navinci Universal kits

Designed to offer the ultimate flexibility regarding target selection. You choose a pair of primary antibodies and Navinci Universal provides the rest.

Key features:

  • Simple protocol based on secondary antibody detection
  • Works with traditional in situ equipment and workflows
  • Sensitive fluorescence readout

New high-performance kits are being developed.

If you are interested in the current pipeline or have target recommendations, please contact us.