– pioneers of molecular tools with strong legacy

Navinci (formerly Olink Bioscience), has a proud history of inventing analytic technologies for nucleic acids and proteins, identifying commercial opportunities and bringing successful products to the market to serve scientist in research and drug development. First founded in 2004 on the breakthrough innovations by Professor Ulf Landegren and colleagues at Uppsala University, the company has directly marketed a wide range of products including the Duolink in situ protein detection product line, which was acquired by Sigma-Aldrich in 2016, and Proseek multiplex panels now known as Olink Target and marketed by Olink Proteomics.

In 2016, Olink Bioscience became Navinci Diagnostics after the split from Olink Proteomics, which are now focused on using highly multiplexed protein biomarker analysis in circulation to improve precision medicine, and has recently been noted on Nasdaq NY.

Navinci has in close collaboration with Uppsala University continued to innovate the field of spatial biology with groundbreaking tools for studies of the tissue microenvironment.

In 2020, Navinci launched the next generation of proximity ligation assay techniques, our proprietary UnFold technology, to scientists worldwide in the NaveniFlex product line. We are now rapidly expanding our offering for in situ detection of protein interactions and post-translational modifications, not possible with standard techniques such as ImmunoFluorescence and ImmunoHistoChemistry.

It is essential to understand the protein functions and their interplay to be able to

diagnose patient, develop efficient drugs, and treat with precision


Our vision is that scientists can fully understand the protein interplay

in tumors in order to bring precision medicine to the next level and save human lives

Navinci holds a broad and growing IP portfolio utilizing oligonucleotide-conjugated antibodies for detection of proteins and their interactions. Alongside the in-house products developed out of the innovations, IP has also been outlicensed to several leading international life science companies. Moreover, Navinci / Olink Bioscience has launched several daughter companies such as Olink Proteomics (noted on Nasdaq, New York) for high-throughput protein analysis in blood, Q-linea (noted on Nasdaq) focusing on counteracting antibiotic resistance in sepsis, and Halogenomics (acquired by Agilent) in target selection for next generation sequencing.