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About Navinci Diagnostics

Navinci is a Swedish biotech company specializing in developing innovative solutions for studying protein interactions. With a focus and a strong legacy in developing in situ proximity ligation assay technology, Navinci has established itself as a center of excellence in the field and has a broad portfolio of products that help researchers study protein interactions in depth.

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Pioneering Analytic Technologies

Navinci (formerly Olink Bioscience), has a proud history of inventing analytic technologies for nucleic acids and proteins, identifying commercial opportunities and bringing successful products to the market to serve scientist in research and drug development. First founded in 2004 on the breakthrough innovations by Professor Ulf Landegren and colleagues at Uppsala University, the company has directly marketed a wide range of products including the Duolink in situ protein detection product line, which was acquired by Sigma-Aldrich in 2016, and Proseek multiplex panels now known as Olink Target and marketed by Olink Proteomics.

In 2016, Olink Proteomics was spun out and Olink BioScience became Navinci Diagnostics. Olink Proteomics has rapidly become the world-leader of high-multiplex biomarker analysis in circulation to improve precision medicine and was recently aquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Advancing Spatial Biology with Uppsala University

Navinci has in close collaboration with Uppsala University continued to innovate the field of spatial biology with groundbreaking tools for studies of the tissue microenvironment.

Revolutionizing in situ Proximity Ligation Assay Techniques

In 2020, Navinci launched the next generation of in situ proximity ligation assay techniques, our proprietary UnFold technology, to scientists worldwide in the NaveniFlex product line. We are now rapidly expanding our offering for in situ detection of protein interactions and post-translational modifications, not possible with standard techniques such as ImmunoFluorescence and ImmunoHistoChemistry.

The Naveni® technology

Our Naveni® in situ proximity ligation technology is at the forefront of innovation within the field of spatial proteomics and allows for the detection and quantification of protein interactions and post-translational modifications in a manner that is both sensitive and specific. It provides researchers with a valuable tool for their studies and helps deepen the understanding of the interplay between proteins in their native environment.

By providing researchers with reliable and innovative tools for visualizing and interpreting protein interplay, Navinci pushes forward the understanding of cell biology and brings precision to spatial proteomics.

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