Upcoming events

Tumor Heterogeneity, Plasticity and Therapy (2nd edition) 

3-4 October, Leuven, Belgium 

Navinci is a proud silver sponsor of the VIB conference. Sara Bodbin Scientist, Nancy Dekki Global Product Manager and Inge Cyrén Area Manager will be representing us. You will meet them in the exhibition and at the networking events. Please reach out! 

Exhibition in Navet 

5 October, BMC, Uppsala Sweden 

Come in and meet us in Uppsala just right by our office! Several Navinci representatives will be there. Read more here.

4th Crick International Cancer Conference

8-10 October, The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK 

The 4th Crick International Cancer Conference will bring together world-leading experts in cancer research and offer many opportunities for in-person networking and engagement.

Navinci is supporting the event, and we will have a mini exhibition in the Manby Gallery and Daniel Ekman will have a talk Sunday 8th, he will showcase the benefits of Naveni®Technology and describe the possibilities with proximity-based protein detection techniques. 

Subham Basu CBO will also be representing Navinci, do not miss the opportunity to talk about innovations in spatial proteomics with us! 


1-5 November, San Diego  

Meet us at booth 919 or by our three posters! 

Navinci will be represented by Robert Gunnarsson CEO, Subham Basu CBO, Agata Wicher CSO, Lena Beckman Marketing Manager, Daniel Ekman Distribution Manager, Inge Cyrén Area Manager North America.

Read more here.

Past Events

CICON23 Seventh International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference: Translating Science into Survival 

20 -23 September, Milan Italy 


Inge Cyrén, Area Manager for North America will also be representing Navinci. Please reach out to them if you want to book a meeting!

To translate tertiary lymphoid structures Into the clinic

19 September, Milan Italy 

Workshop and satellite meeting to CICON 2023.

Doroteya Raykova PhD Application Scientist, will have a talk titled Unlocking the Potential: Exploring PD1/PDL1 Interplay and Beyond for Immunotherapy in Cancer.

Our Area Manager for North America Inge Cyrén will also be attending the workshop. 

2023 NSH Convention

8-12 September, Baltimore US

Do not miss the workshop Spatial Interactomics: Mapping Proteins and Their Interactions Saturday Sep 9, 1:30-2:30 PM 

The session will introduce an innovative solution to studying protein function within its spatial context and at single-cell resolution. We will explain the basics of proximity ligation assay and its variants and dive deeper into assay development workflows. We will present examples of pre-optimized assays and provide recommendations on how to develop and validate custom assays. We will present case studies that illustrate the possibilities proximity-based protein detection techniques provide in pre-clinical and clinical research. The focus will be on the interplay of immune checkpoints and their ligands, such as PDL1-PD1 and downstream molecules. You will learn how proximity-based technologies enable the development of more relevant and accurate biomarkers and how they can be applied from early discovery to clinical applications to understand protein function better. 

Doroteya Raykova PhD Application Scientist, Axel Klasson PhD Senior Scientist and Subham Basu PhD CBO will lead the workshop

Read more here.

June 12th – 15th, 2023, Turin, Italy

Join Navinci at EACR on June 12-15 in Torino, Italy, as we unveil our highly anticipated PD1/PD-L1 product! Discover us in the exhibition hall at booth 79 and don’t miss our captivating poster presentation, number #0207.

Navinci will be represented by; Ida Hansson (Scientific Sales Specialist), Eva Auieong (Laboratory manager), Hampus Elofsson (Senior scientist) and Daniel Ekman (Customer Support Manager).

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June 8th – 9th, 2023, Boston, USA 

Navinci is a proud silver sponsor of Spatial Biology US. We will present our latest developments in spatial proteomics, how to meet challenges in tissue stainings, and how it is now possible to discover the secret life of proteins.

Presentation June 8th 12:40: Emerging methods for detection of protein-protein interactions and interplay 

Presenter: Dorothea Raykova, PhD,  Application Scientist 

Navinci will be represented by; Subham Basu (CBO), Doroteya Raykova (Application Scientist), and Inge Cyrén (Area Manager North America).

Meet us at booth 4 


16-17 May, Stockholm Sweden  

Our scientist Sara Bodbin PhD, will attend the conference with a poster titled:
Multiplexed proximity ligation-based method uncovers immune checkpoint activation in the context of the tumor microenvironment.
The study of tumor microenvironments and their biomarkers is critical for understanding cancer progression and response to therapy. Using the Naveni™ Technology, it is possible to detect protein-protein interactions and multiplex with biomarker staining for the visualization of complex TME.

Get a copy of the poster here


Ida Hansson (Area Manager Europe), Sara Bodbin (Scientist) and Agata Wicher (Chief Product and Science Officer)

April 25th – 26th, 2023, London UK  

Spatial Biology UK explores spatial research: from the application of spatial technologies in biology to topical updates from spatial biology. Learn how Naveni Proximity Ligation Technology is bringing precision to Spatial Proteomics, booth 9.

Navinci will be represented by; Ida Hansson (Scientific Sales Specialist) and Daniel Ekman (Customer Support Manager)

April 14th – 19th, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida  

Learn more about protein-protein interaction assays and how Naveni Proximity Ligation Technology could be used in cancer research. Meet us at booth 1771. Learn more

Navinci will be represented by; Agata Wicher (CSO), Robert Gunnarsson (CEO), Inge Cyrén (Area Manager North America), Lena Beckman (Marketing and Product manager), and Doroteya Raykova (Application Scientist).

SciLifeLab Exhibition

March 30th, Uppsala, Sweden

Next-door event with SciLifeLab, look at our latest innovations in spatial proteomics.

Seminar: How to detect protein-protein interactions – Latest innovations in Proximity Ligation Technology 

March 15th, Biomedicum D1012 Karolinska Institutet, Solna Sweden

We’re excited to invite you to our in-person seminar! In this session, you will learn how to visualize protein interplay in situ and how the latest Naveni proximity ligation technologies are pioneering molecular biology research.

Come learn about the latest advancements in spatial proteomics and get some coffee and cinnamon buns.

Doroteya Raykova (Application Scientist), Daniel Ekman (Customer support manager) and Ida Hansson (Sales Area Manager) will answer all your questions on how to get started and what to think about in the lab when setting up your proximity ligation experiment.

Please pre-register to secure your bun!

See seminar schedule

1st – 3rd of November, Berlin, Germany 

We will go to The EACR conference on “Cellular Bases for Patient Response to Conventional Cancer Therapies”. 

Navinci will be represented by; Doroteya Raykova (Application Specialist) and Daniel Ekman (Support Manager)

8th – 12th of November

Meet us at booth 723 and learn about our new immune checkpoint assays

28th – 29th of September

Our CEO Robert Gunnarsson will represent Navinci Diagnostics; he is eager to discuss partnering opportunities and potential collaborations within the spatial biology and spatial proteomics field. Connect and book a meeting.

Robert Gunnarsson

13rd – 15rd of June

Navinci is sponsoring the Vascular Biology Summer school link: https://evbo.org/summer-school-2/ 

This is an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge methodologies in vascular biology. Axel Klaesson (Senior Scientist at Navinci) will lecture on how to use the Naveni Proximity Ligation Assay, and he will, e.g., show some how to analyze phosphorylated VEGFR with outstanding specificity.

20rd – 23rd of June, Seville, Spain 

We will go to EACR 2022 with some exciting news! Visit us at booth 54 for the newest information about protein-protein interaction assays in cancer research.  

Navinci will be represented by; Agata Wicher (CSO), Jeanette Axelsson (CBO), Ida Hansson (Scientific Sales Specialist), and Desireé Edén (Scientist and project lead). 

7th  –  9th of June, Amsterdam, Netherlands  

Ulf Landegren, cofounder of the PLA technology and part of the board of directors for Navinci, will speak on June 7th; his talk has the title Dual-recognition Protein Assays.

Our CEO Robert Gunnarsson will also attend the meeting. 

7th – 8th of June, Berlin, Germany
Meet us in booth 14; Jeanette Axelsson (CBO), Ida Hansson (Scientific Sales specialist), Lena Beckman (Marketing Manager), and Axel Klaesson (Senior scientist) will be there. They are eager to talk to you about next-generation in situ methods and how to bring precision to spatial proteomics.

Ulf Landegren, cofounder of the PLA technology and part of the board of directors for Navinci, will speak on June 8th; his talk has the title Tools For In Situ Detection Of Nucleic Acids & Proteins.

Seminar & Mini Exhibition: Bringing Precision to Spatial Proteomics 

31st May at 13:00-16:00 Umeå, Sweden 

Ida Hansson (Scientific Sales Specialist) and Daniel Ekman (Customer Support Manager) will present an introduction to Proximity Ligation Assay, applications, and our new assays. See invitation

10th -12th of May, AstraZeneca, Gothenburg, Sweden 

Jeanette Axelsson (CBO) and Ida Hansson (Scientific sales specialist) will represent Navinci. Interested in talking about Proximity Ligation Assay in cell-based screening? Please reach out to them!


8th – 13th of April, New Orleans, Louisiana, US.

Lena Beckman (Marketing Manager) and Desireé Edén will represent Navinci at AACR 2022; if you are interested in knowing more about Proximity Ligation Assay in cancer research, please reach out to them.