An eye-opening solution for tissue samples – launch of NaveniFlex Tissue 

Looking for protein-protein interactions or post-translational modifications in tissues? We’ve got you covered. The advanced Naveni™ proximity ligation technology we developed for NaveniFlex™ Tissue kits are tailor-made to overcome common background challenges in tissue samples. The kits are optimized for tissue samples to deliver highly reproducible and accurate results even for the least abundant protein interactions.  

What is new?  

Tissues are complex multicellular structures where fluorescently labeled detection reagents have been observed to bind unspecifically. To address this unspecific binding, we have developed a new proprietary solution for the fluorescent detection of protein-protein interactions (PPI) and post-translational modifications (PTM) in FFPE and frozen human and mouse tissues. Now you can generate and visualize signals that would otherwise be obscured by background, thereby greatly increasing the sensitivity of detection.  

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