Discover the secret life of proteins – simultaneously visualize two proteins in a free and complex state 

Ever wish there were a way to take a snapshot of two proteins as they interact or remain unbound? Now, the door is open to study protein interplay and functional states while keeping the structural integrity of cells. Our latest innovation, NaveniTriFlex Cell, uncovers protein complex formation and disassembly in response to different stimuli in situ. This revolutionary proximity-based technology concurrently visualizes two proteins in a free and complex state, within any cell compartment. NaveniTriFlex Cell enables you to shed light on the hidden lives of proteins. 


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Naveni™ TriFlex relies on two user-determined primary antibodies against the targets of interest, and on proprietary TriFlex Navenibodies (in orange), which are antibody-based proximity reagents. Only proteins located at <40 nm distance are recorded as interacting. Naveni™ TriFlex detects total protein A (i.e., both free and in complex with B, yellow), total protein B (maroon), and the AB interaction (blue). The detected A, B and AB signals are amplified and generate fluorescent readout in three channels corresponding to each protein pool.

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