Naveni Control Kit

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Control kit to identify positive signals in proximity ligation assays. Use together with NaveniFlex Cell/Tissue/Bright MR.

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The Naveni® Control Kit has been designed as a control for the Naveni® Flexible MR kits to help the user distinguish between positive and negative proximity ligation signals. The kit is based on our Naveni® in situ proximity ligation technology, with two Navenibodies conjugated to proprietary oligo arms. The Naveni® Control Kit is validated to be used with the NaveniFlex Cell/Tissue MR and NaveniBright MR kits. Follow the protocol included in the Flexible kits.

Product code: NF.CK.MR 

Included in the kit: 

  • Anti-mouse Her2 primary antibody 
  • Anti-rabbit Her2 primary antibody 
  • Three slides with fixed, pre-treated, and dehydrated BT474 cells 


Not included in the kit:

  • Use together with the NaveniFlex Cell MR, NaveniFlex Tissue MR or NaveniBright MR


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