Naveni pTyr PDGFR-beta

The Naveni pTyr PDGFR-beta target specific assay detects phosphorylated PDGFRβ with high specificity and sensitivity using our patented Naveni™ probe technology. The kit includes primary Navenibodies against phosphorylated PDGFRβ and all other reagents needed to run the assay.



The Naveni pTyr PDGFRβ is an in situ proximity ligation assay kit for detecting phosphorylated platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta (PDGFRβ), with very high sensitivity and specificity. The proximity ligation signal has a high signal-to-noise ratio and is easily quantifiable, contrary to traditional immunofluorescence.

The Navenibodies binds two epitopes on the phosphorylated PDGFRβ. Targeting two epitopes increases the specificity of the signal significantly. One Navenibody targets the protein close to the cytoplasmic C-terminal, and the other Navenibody interacts with phosphorylated tyrosine residues. Probes in close proximity will give rise to an strong and distinct signal, creating a specific and sensitive detection method for phosphorylated PDGFRβ.

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The Naveni pTyr PDGFR-beta assay kit contains the following reagents:

The kit consists of two boxes that are stored separately.

Box 1 contains Blocking buffer, Navenibody diluent. Stored at +4 °C to +8 °C.

Box 2 contains two Navenibodies, one targeting cytoplasmic human PDGFRβ protein, the other a broad range of tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins and peptides, as well as detection reagents. Stored at -15 °C to -25 °C.

The reagents, that upon dilution, gives 4 ml of working solution, which allows 100 tests á 40 µL. The reaction volume of 40 µL is sufficient to cover 1 cm2 sample on a slide. The volume must be adjusted according to the reaction area and the number of samples.