NaveniFlex Control kit

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Control for the proximity ligation reagents, and to identify positive signals. Use with NaveniFlex MR (NF.MR.100).

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The NaveniFlex control kit has been designed as a control for the NaveniFlex MR proximity ligation reaction and to help the user distinguish between positive and negative proximity ligation signals.

The kit is based on our NaveniTM Proximity Ligation Technology, with two Navenibodies conjugated to proprietary oligo arms. The technology ensures specific and sensitive detection, learn more on our Naveni platform.


Included in the kit:

  • Anti-mouse Her2 primary antibody
  • Anti-rabbit Her2 primary antibody
  • Three slides with fixed, pre-treated, and dehydrated BT474 cells
  • Control kit is ready to be used with the NaveniFlex MR protocol.


Not include in the kit:

  • Use with the NaveniFlex MR kit (NF.MR.100).


User instructions

Workflow and laboratory instructions

NaveniFlex MR – Safety data sheet



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