NaveniFlex MM

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Do you only have a single primary antibody? Increase signal to noise with this assay, designed to be used for low abundant targets with a primary antibody generated in mouse.  

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The NaveniFlex MM kit is an in situ proximity ligation assay kit. The kit is used to increase the signal intensity and reduce background staining when detecting single low abundant proteins. See application examples here. 

Compatible with traditional immunostaining equipment, the kit uses secondary antibody detection to produce an amplified signal in the form of a fluorescent dot thus facilitating immediate quantification of the readout. 

The kit is based on our NaveniTM Proximity Ligation Technology, with two Navenibodies conjugated to proprietary oligo arms. The technology ensures specific and sensitive detection; learn more about our Naveni platform. 

Included in the kit: 

  • Two anti-mouse Navenibodies 
  • Three detection fluorphores; Atto488, TEX615, and Atto647N 
  • Buffers for blocking and dilutions, and all detection reagents  
  • The Navenibody solution has a working volume of 4000µl (sufficient for approx. 100 reactions) 

Not included in the kit: 

  • Primary antibodies, use a mouse primary antibody. If you are unsure how to choose a primary antibody for your protein of interest, please contact us for advice and support.

User instructions

Workflow and laboratory instructions

NaveniFlex MM – Safety data sheet