Custom solutions to fit your research needs 
Do you have specific research questions, or do you need help with a target-specific assay? Please get in touch with us. We have a range of services to support your research project’s needs and requirements.

  • Customer support to facilitate your own assay development

    We are the center of excellence in Proximity Ligation Assay development, and we will work with you to support your assay development.

  • In-house assay development services for Pharma

    Bring us your antibodies and tissues or cells, and we will perform our Naveni Proximity Ligation staining for you. Our highly experienced scientists will provide high-quality staining data.

  • Custom-made target assays and panel designs

    We accommodate custom-made target-specific assays and panel designs that can be set to suit your research project’s needs and requirements.

We work closely with SciLifeLab Affinity Proteomics Uppsala, which have a long track record of Proximity Ligation Assay development. For academic customers, we recommend the NaveniTM Proximity Ligation Technology service at SciLife Lab, contact us, and we will assist you further.