Naveni™ family

The NaveniFlex kits are based on a proximity ligation assay principle which enables the detection of proteins, protein interactions, or protein modifications in cultured cells as well as in fresh-frozen and FFPE samples. The kits provide accurate and reliable data with exceptionally precise staining patterns.

The NaveniFlex kits employ a secondary antibody system. Three fluorophore alternatives are included which allows you to choose the fluorophore most suitable to your microscope and assay. The kits also come in two convenient sizes with a working volume of 4000µl and 1000µl respectively.

Available NaveniFlex kits

NaveniFlex MR [art nr NF.MR]: Detects proximity between Mouse/Rabbit pairs of primary antibodies.

NaveniFlex MM [art nr NF.MM]: Detects single Mouse primary antibodies.

NaveniFlex RR [art nr NF.RR]:  Detects single Rabbit primary antibodies. 

Choose the correct kit according to your particular need

Application NaveniFlex MR NaveniFlex MM NaveniFlex RR
Protein expression
Protein modifications
Protein interactions

See application notes and examples here

Included in the kit:

  • Detection reagents 
  • NaveniFlex probes 

  • Blocking buffer

  • Antibody diluent

  • Probe diluent

  • 3 fluorophore alternatives: Atto 488, TEX615 and Atto 647N

User provides

  • Samples (tissue/cells)
  • Primary antibody or antibodies 
  • TBS and TBS-Tween 

Interested in other fluorophores or other species for your primaries?
Please let us know and we will help you!


In-house service

Navinci Diagnostics offers in-house immunostaining service. Bring us your antibodies and tissues or cells and we will perform our NaveniFlex staining for you. Our highly experienced scientists will provide high-quality staining data. Our standard offer includes staining, image acquisition, and image analysis. For more information please contact us.


Custom assay

If you have specific research questions, please contact us. We accommodate custom-made target specific assays and panel designs that can be set to suit your research project’s needs and requirements. Are you interested in our services? Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Coming soon

The Naveni ™ portfolio will soon be extended with the addition of NaveniFlex probes targeting goat antibodies. Providing even more experimental design opportunities.