The secret behind successful proximity ligation is careful preparation, with a special focus on antibody selection. Navinci, formerly known as Olink Biosciences, has a proud history as developers of the first commercial in situ proximity ligation assay, the Duolink assay (now sold to Sigma). The next-generation Naveni® in situ proximity ligation assays are based on a new, proprietary technology providing higher sensitivity and less unspecific background than traditional PLA. The developers of the Naveni technology are still actively working on new technology development in our R&D laboratory in Uppsala, which allows us to provide state-of-the-art technical support to our customers. Please get in touch with us through the form below with any questions you might have before ordering, or after starting your studies.

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Naveni in situ proximity ligation technology

The Naveni® in situ proximity ligation technology pushes the boundaries of fluorescence-based in situ methodology, enabling researchers to get the maximum information from every analysis by visualizing and quantifying proteins, their interactions and modifications.

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Naveni TriFlex Cell

Our latest innovation, Naveni® TriFlex Cell, uncovers protein complex formation and disassembly in response to different stimuli in situ.This revolutionary proximity-based technology concurrently visualizes two proteins in a free and complex state, within any cell compartment.

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Explore the world of Naveni® in situ proximity ligation technology through our curated collection of assays. Our expert team has meticulously examined each assay, revealing the profound impact our technology has on illuminating protein function in spatial proteomics.

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