Robert Gunnarsson

Robert Gunnarsson, MSc, EMBA
Chief Executive Officer

Robert Gunnarsson has been the CEO of Navinci since 2020. Mr Gunnarsson holds nearly 20 years of experience from Life Science and Biotech industry.He joined most recently from the ImmunoDiagnostic Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific where he was Director of Project & Portfolio Management. He has previously held positions as Managing Director of R&D, R&D Manager and Development Scientist in Mercodia AB and Gyros AB, from where he gained expertise in immunoassay development and strategic business development. He has a proven track record in successful development and commercialization of research and In Vitro Diagnostic products. He studied biotechnology at Uppsala University and later an Executive MBA from Mgruppen, Stockholm.


Agata Zieba-Wicher, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Agata has been the Chief Scientific Officer of Navinci since 2020. She brings 15 years of experience developing innovative solutions and methodologies in molecular medicine. She joined the company in 2016 as a Head of Laboratory and Biomarker Assays. Since then, she has been leading the development of the NaveniFlex product family, providing scientific leadership to the Navinci team and expert opinions to customers and collaborators.  Agata has extensive experience in immunoassay technology design and development and a deep understanding of cell and molecular biology methods, histology, and imaging techniques. She has earned an MSc in Molecular Biotechnology and a Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from the Uppsala University in Sweden and continued her academic career as a researcher at the Human Protein Atlas and SciLife Laboratory. During that time, she developed new technologies for patient sample analysis, established innovative protein-DNA conjugation methods, and applied in situ assays for novel biomarker exploration.


Jeanette Axelsson, PhD
Chief Business Officer

Jeanette joined Navinci in 2020 as Chief Business Officer. Jeanette combines her scientific background with commercialization of life science techniques. Previously, she has held positions as Managing Director of Business Development and Global Marketing Manager at Mercodia AB, where she worked internationally building strategic alliances and commercialization of research and In Vitro Diagnostic immunoassays. She was CEO for the start-up DNA Guide AB and served as member of the board for Lab on a Bead AB. She earned her MSc and PhD at Uppsala University and began her professional career as post doc at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Board of Directors


Mikael Smedeby, LL.M
Chairman of the Board since 2020
Partner at Advokatfirman Lindahl KB

In addition to his long experience as laywer and partner at Advokatfirman  Lindahl in Uppsala, Mr Smedeby has been active in the Life Science and biotech industry for more than 20 years, serving as member of the board or chairman of the board for several companies including Hansa Group and Scandinavian Gene Synthesis. He is currently chairman of the board for Coeli Holding AB and member of the board of BioArctic AB. Mr Smedeby brings expertise in venture capital, mergers & aquisitions and corporate law.

Ulf Landegren

Ulf Landegren, MD, PhD
Professor of Molecular Medicine at Uppsala University
Founder & Board member since 2004

Professor Landegren has been a pioneer of molecular detection technologies and world leading scientist in molecular biology for more than 40 years. He and his colleagues developed the in situ proximity ligation technique and a long line of innovations based on the principle of dual recognition and oligonucleotide hybridization, resulting in widely used applications for both nucleic acid and protein detection. He is the author of more than 220 publications and co-inventor of more than 45 patents.

Professor Landegren is the cofounder of several companies, including Olink AB/Navinci Diagnostics AB, Olink Proteomics AB, HaloGenomics AB, and Q-Linea AB. He is a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences and the European Molecular Biology Organization, and he has been or is currently member of scientific advisory boards for more than 10 companies.


Björn Ekström, Dr.h.c
Cofounder & Former CEO, independent business consultant
Board member since 2004

Dr. Ekström holds a MSc in Physical Biochemistry from The Institute of Technology, Lund, Sweden and is appointed an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University. His experience includes several executive positions in Marketing and R&D at Pharmacia Biotech (now Danaher Corporation), as well as cofounder and CTO of Pyrosequencing AB, and cofounder and CEO of Olink AB/Navinci Diagnostics AB. Dr Ekström has published 6 scientific papers, and contributed to 8 patents. Over the years he has served on the board of directors for more than 10 companies in the biotech industry including as chairman of the board for two of these companies.


Olle Kämpe, MD, PhD
Professor in Endocrinology at Karolinska Institute and Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm.
Board member since 2011

Professor Kämpe has extensive experience as a medical doctor and researcher in molecular biology, immunology and clinical medicine, with more than 170 publications in scientific journals. He is Professor in endocrinology at Karolinska Institute with previous roles are as Professor in molecular medicine at Uppsala University for 15 years. For his research, he was honored with the Jubilee Prize and Centenary Medal by the Swedish Medical Society in 2016, and was awarded the European Hormone Medal by European Society of Endocrinology in 2020. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science (class for medical sciences) since 2011. Professor Kämpe has been director of the board of Olink AB/Navinci Diagnostics AB since 2011. Among other assignments, he serves on the scientific advisory board of Segulah Medical Acceleration.

Jon-Sverre Schance

Jon-Sverre Schance, PhD
Board professional and Life Science Consultant
Board member since 2020

Jon-Sverre brings a vast experience and expertise from more than 35 years in the life science industry. He has a PhD Biochemistry at the University of Bergen, Norway, studying biological effect of anti-metabolites targeting cancer, and has held variuos executive positions, including Chief Scientific Officer at Biotage AB, Vice President of R&D of ImmunoDiagnostic Division at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Chief Technology Officer for Gyros Microsystems AB, and Vice President of R&D in Dako A/S Denmark (now Agilent). Jon-Sverre started his industrial career as a researcher in drug discovery at Nycomed ASA focusing on immunomodulating peptides.

Jonas Gibson

Jonas Gibson, LL.M.
Founder and owner of Biolegal
Board member since 2019

Jonas holds a Master of Laws (jur. kand.) degree from Uppsala University, including studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and University of California, Berkeley, and an advanced Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in European Intellectual Property Law from Stockholm University. He has 15+ years of experience from the life science industry from roles as corporate lawyer at Elekta and Galderma (Q-Med), as associate at law firm Lindahl and as owner of and principal consultant at Biolegal where he specializes in assisting life science companies with business and operations related legal matters.