Next-generation immunostaining

Correct assessments of protein localization and consistency in generated data are essential for scientific discovery, translational science, and clinical research. Low-quality data are predisposed to biased judgments and faulty outcomes. Navinci Diagnostics develops and distributes kits for studies of the proteome’s spatial organization and function.

The NaveniFlex kits are based on our proprietary Unfolding Proximity Probes technology. It combines antibody-based proteomic technologies with fluorescence readout to create next-generation immunostaining where sensitivity and specificity meet in one assay, enabling high-quality protein detection and analysis in cells and tissues.

The benefits of our technology are:

  • Clear target detection
  • Consistency in staining
  • Reproducibility
  • Possibility to detect low abundant proteins
  • Detection of protein-protein interactions
  • Specific detection of post-translational modifications, also with the use of pan-specific antibodies

Our technology is tailored for academic and industrial researchers working in fields of:

  • Immuno-profiling
  • Signaling profiling
  • Drug testing
  • Treatment validation
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Diagnostics


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Primary antibody incubation

Two primary antibodies bind to their target epitopes, located on a single protein or on two nearby proteins.

Probe incubation

To complete the dual binding, NaveniFlex Probes recognize their respective primary antibodies.

Reaction A

The locked probes are activated by an enzymatic step that increases the efficacy of signal generation, thus improving assay sensitivity. 

Reaction B

Only the probes that are within close proximity connect, guaranteeing high specificity by reducing nonspecific background staining.

Reaction C

Fluorescent signals are amplified. The high signal strength enables the detection of separate proximity events, allowing for a resolution down to single protein or protein interaction.

Visualization and data processing

The results can be visualized with a fluorescence microscope

Field of interest

We are eager to learn what field of research you work in, what challenges you encounter, and what kind of protein targets you are interested in. Please get in contact and we will be happy to discuss how the Navinci products and technology can improve your research.

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